Six ways to work better with a consultant

It saddens me that consultants don’t always have the best of reputations. And that some people and organisations shy away from working with consultants at all. Especially as we consultants can, if used sensibly, add considerable value to what our clients do. So here are six ways you can get more value out of a consultancy relationship.

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How will you use your ‘bonus’ day?

With 2012 being a leap year, tomorrow is 29th February. No news there. But if you think about it, tomorrow is a sort of ‘bonus’ day, one that we wouldn’t usually get. I call it a ‘duck realignment day’, because it gives us a chance to get all of our ducks back in a row. So why not make the most of this windfall and take a bit of time out to do something that you’ve been meaning to do for ages, but haven’t yet got around to? Here are three suggestions. Continue reading “How will you use your ‘bonus’ day?”

Making the most of the new year

Firstly, a very happy new year to all of my readers, clients, associates and friends. The start of a brand new year is always – for me, at least – a time of reflection on what has been before and of planning for what is to come. It is also when we select our resolutions for the next twelve months. Continue reading “Making the most of the new year”