Rethinking what’s important

Earlier this month, the leaders of some of the United States’s biggest corporations changed their definition of what a company is all about. This revelation may not seem of interest to anyone other than accountants. But if these individuals deliver actions to match their words, it could potentially be huge. And we’ll all feel the impact.

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One size most definitely doesn’t fit all

I’ve been doing quite a lot of work recently on benchmarking. Not just looking at one particular organisation, but at a number of organisations across the public sector. And what has struck me is not how similar they are, but rather how different. Despite all fulfilling a similar role, they each approach this role in their own way. Continue reading “One size most definitely doesn’t fit all”

It’s a people thing

There is often a tendency to think that any problems within an organisation can be resolved, or any desired improvements made, with the application of a new process or the implementation of a shiny new piece of software. While understandable, this is potentially problematic. Because organisations are not about systems, processes and software – they are about people. Continue reading “It’s a people thing”