The power of conversations

I’m a big fan of doing new things. But that isn’t to say that I don’t find them a little scary sometimes. So it was with not inconsiderable trepidation that earlier this week I joined my first session of a local coaching group.

Now, you’d expect a group of executive coaches to be reasonably friendly and helpful. But I can honestly say that the hour and a half I spent with this small group of people in a local cafe was a real eye-opener. And a fantastic investment of my time. Continue reading “The power of conversations”

Learning from others

It’s perhaps an inevitable part of the human condition that, with the exception of a few highly self-aware individuals, we tend to think that we know best. Now it might, of course, be that we do know best when it comes to certain things. But it might equally be the case that we do not. And no matter how skillful or experienced we may be in our own particular fields, I’d wager that there’s always something that we could learn. Continue reading “Learning from others”

A time to reflect

It has been a busy year. Not just for me, but for us all. Across the public and voluntary sectors, there have been legislative changes to understand, new strategies to develop and implement, stakeholders with whom to engage, staff to manage and funding cuts to cope with. And when things are this busy, it’s all to easy to focus on the here and now. But now, more than ever, it is important to take time to reflect on the past. Continue reading “A time to reflect”

How our athletes can make us more effective at work

You may have noticed that there is a major sporting event going on at the moment. Athletes from around the world are wowing us (well they’re certainly wowing me, anyway) with their fitness, strength, agility and drive. Just watching them on television makes me want to grab my running shoes. But while these individuals may be exceptional sportsmen and sportswomen, can they help us to improve our performance in our day jobs, too? Continue reading “How our athletes can make us more effective at work”