Some thoughts on risk

I’ve been spending a not inconsiderable amount¬†of time recently thinking about risk. This is partly because it’s an issue I’ve been working on with some of my clients. And it’s partly because I’ve had to prepare various risk assessments for things I do in my free time. (Yes, I know. I lead such an exciting life…) But it’s helped me to refine my ideas about what risk is and how we assess and manage it. Continue reading “Some thoughts on risk”

Donations, sponsorship and the need for accountability

Donations and sponsorship add up to big money in the public sector. Most hospitals have at least one fundraising campaign. Local authorities have long sought and received corporate funding for roadside planting and summer festivals. You can even sponsor a police car. But as cash flow gets tighter and new sources of income look more appealing, it is important that we think carefully about where the money comes from. Continue reading “Donations, sponsorship and the need for accountability”