Reading time

I wrote a while back about how I stay up to date with the news and current affairs. But just keeping track of the headlines isn’t enough. I need also to know what’s going on with the latest management thinking and what challenges and opportunities my clients are likely to be confronted with in the future. This means lots of reading. Long-form journalistic reporting, journal articles and books. It’s all great stuff. The challenge, though, is finding the time to do it.

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Making better decisions

There are lots of big decisions being taken at the moment. With the world moving at a rapid pace and new challenges arising on an almost daily basis, we need to move quickly and decisively if we’re to even survive, let alone thrive. But big decisions aren’t easy, especially when we have little information and even less time to think.

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From data to action

I’ve been working with one of my clients recently to help them to put together a strategy and action plan for an area in which they’d like to see some improvement. They knew what they wanted to do, but they were struggling to get the necessary senior people on board. Not because they didn’t have great ideas. And not because they didn’t have the data to back up their ideas. But because they weren’t using the data in a convincing way. Continue reading “From data to action”

Measurement is good, but measurement plus action is better

Finding ways to measure your organisation’s performance is important. It gives you valuable information on what is happening, what is working and what is not. But measurement is only the first step. It is what you do with the information that can make all the difference. Continue reading “Measurement is good, but measurement plus action is better”