When early warnings fall on deaf ears

Balancing income and expenditure can be a challenge for many organisations with a social purpose, whether they are public sector bodies, not-for-profits or social enterprises. Especially in times like this, when what passes for normal is changing on a daily basis and everyone’s feeling the squeeze. It’s important that such organisations identify potential financial issues early, so that they have time to address them before things hit the fan. But even when early warning signs are evident, they don’t always get acted upon.

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Clubs and societies need good management, too

In addition to being a consultant, I’m also a regular human being. So when I’m not working, I like to spend time on my various hobbies and sporting activities. This includes being a member of several clubs and societies. But even at evenings and weekends, I can’t stop being a consultant, so am constantly on the lookout for ways to make these groups run more smoothly. And over the past few weeks, I’ve come across several issues that are common to many small organisations. Continue reading “Clubs and societies need good management, too”

What’s a Charitable Incorporated Organisation?

Once a month, I spend an afternoon with the lovely people at Voluntary Action North Somerset, providing a free advice ‘clinic’ to local charities and voluntary organisations. One of the questions that has come up several times is ‘What is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation?’. So here’s a quick overview of what this new legal structure is and what it means for anyone thinking about setting up a charity. Continue reading “What’s a Charitable Incorporated Organisation?”