Six Reasons

So why should you work with me? Here are my top six reasons why Sockmonkey Consulting is the best choice for you and your organisation.

1. Clear thinking – I bring clear and fresh thinking to the issues that you face. I combine insight and experience with creativity and imagination. This means that I can help you to develop new ideas and to find efficient and effective ways of addressing complex problems.

2. Friendly approach – I take a friendly and personal approach to my work with my clients, while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. This means that you get a consultant you can work with and who is focused on your needs.

3. Insight – I work exclusively with organisations in the public, not-for-profit and social enterprise sectors and have twenty years’ experience of doing what I do. This means that I understand the issues that you face and have the knowledge and insight to help you achieve your goals.

4. Flexibility – As a small business, I am my own boss and can make decisions quickly. This means that you benefit from a flexible service that can respond instantly to your needs and to any changes in your circumstances.

5. Ethics – I approach my work and my business ethically and conscientiously. This means that you will be working with a company that takes its community, social and environmental responsibilities seriously – and that has your best interests at heart.

6. Value – I control my costs tightly and keep my overheads to a minimum, so that my fees are affordable to the types of organisation I enjoy working with. I also operate an open and fair charging structure. This means that you benefit from high quality consultancy services that represent excellent value for money.