The key to a great organisation is great people. I design, prepare and deliver a broad range of skills and technical training, to help my clients to get better at what they do and to respond proactively to the challenges that they face.

This includes things like:

  • introductory sessions on financial, risk and performance management for board members and trustees;
  • workshops and short courses to help social entrepreneurs to learn the basics of business planning and financial management;
  • skills courses and workshops to help participants to improve their personal effectiveness, looking at issues such as time management, presentation skills and personal resilience;
  • advanced technical training for experienced practitioners, focusing on issues such as performance measurement, cost management and value for money; and
  • facilitated workshops to help people within an organisation to explore specific issues, such as identifying risks to a new programme or developing a new business process.

I deliver high impact training that is sensitive to different learning preferences and to the specific interests and needs of the audience.

I also use a variety of techniques and a high level of group interaction to help people not only to acquire new skills and knowledge, but more importantly to understand how they can use these to improve their own effectiveness and that of their organisation.

I design each training session, workshop or program around the specific needs of the organisation and of the individuals concerned. To discuss how I can help you and your organisation, just give me a call.