I write articles from time to time for relevant professional publications. I feature these on my website when they are published. If you’re an editor looking for a feature or opinion/comment piece on any of my areas of interest, please do feel free to get in touch.

It’s just an idea at this stage, but I’m currently also planning a series of short ‘Sockmonkey’ guides to key issues that my clients face and how they can address them.

This could include topics such as:

  • developing an effective organisational strategy;
  • budgeting and financial management;
  • understanding performance measures; and
  • managing your time effectively.

As I said, it’s just an idea at the moment. But it’s something I keep coming back to whenever I have a spare five minutes, so watch this space for more details. And if you have any ideas for topics that you’d like me to cover, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.