I provide specialist consultancy support that can help you and your organisation to realise exciting opportunities, to address complex challenges and to drive positive change.

In my consultancy work, I bring together state-of-the-art theory, rigorous empirical analysis, a thorough understanding of how organisations work and deep insight into the global political, social and economic environment in which we operate.

Things I can help you with include:

Business model design: Helping you to redesign your organisation’s business model and ways of working to address emerging challenges and to drive positive change.

Strategy development and implementation: Developing high-impact organisational strategies that allow you to achieve challenging goals in a turbulent and resource-constrained environment.

Organisational design and development: Finding ways to improve how your organisation works and helping you to become quicker, better, more focused and more efficient than you were before.

Performance improvement: Using data to help your organisation to better understand the challenges you face, to understand what works and to improve your performance.

Financial management and analysis: Helping you to improve your organisation’s financial management arrangements and using financial data to inform organisational decision-making.

Governance and risk management: Working with you to review and to refresh your organisation’s governance arrangements so that they are more robust, more resilient and more responsive to change.

Strategic projects: Helping you with all manner of strategic projects, from service reviews and option appraisals to workload management and resource allocation.

I also design, develop and deliver bespoke, high-impact training courses and programmes on topics that fall within my areas of expertise. These range from one-off sessions to longer-term programmes of support and can be delivered in person, online or in a blended way.