How I can help

Business model design

Helping organisations to redesign their business models and ways of working to address emerging challenges and to drive positive change.

Strategy development and implementation

Developing high-impact organisational strategies that allow my clients to achieve challenging goals in a turbulent and resource-constrained environment.

Organisational design and development

Finding ways to improve how organisations work and helping them to become quicker, better, more focused and more efficient than they were before.

Performance improvement

Using data to help organisations to better understand the challenges they face, to understand what works and to improve their performance.

Financial management and analysis

Helping my clients to improve their financial management arrangements and using financial data to inform organisational decision-making.

Governance and risk management

Working with organisations to review and to refresh their governance arrangements so that they are more robust, more resilient and more responsive to change.

Strategic projects

Helping my clients with all manner of strategic projects, from service reviews and option appraisals to workload management and resource allocation.