How I can help

I provide specialist consultancy support that can help you and your organisation to realise exciting opportunities, to address complex challenges and to drive positive change.

In my consultancy work, I bring together state-of-the-art theory, rigorous empirical analysis, a thorough understanding of how organisations work and deep insight into the global political, social and economic environment in which we operate.

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I am a qualified and experienced executive coach. Coaching is a collaborative conversation that helps you to bring about positive change for yourself and for others.

I use the coaching relationship to create a space of awareness and reflection, in which individuals and teams can explore new ideas, gain different perspectives and enjoy personal and professional growth.

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I offer an exclusive advisory service to senior leaders and board members.

Working on a retainer basis, I act as a trusted advisor and sounding board to help you to deliver new projects, to work through critical challenges and to bring about positive change. Basically, you get access to me and my expertise whenever you need it.

This approach also helps organisations to embed the results achieved and value created through my consultancy work.

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