Ask not ‘how’, ask ‘why’

Potential clients frequently come to me because they want to do something. They might want to restructure their organisation. Or to develop and implement a new strategy. Or to streamline the delivery of a particular service. In such cases, I have two options available to me. The first will get my clients what they want. But the second will get them what they need.

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A time for reflection

This is one of my favourite times of year. Not because we’re approaching Christmas, as I’m not a particularly christmassy person. And not because I’ll be taking a few days off over the festive period, though this is, of course, very welcome. I like this time of year because, as we reach the winter solstice, the nights stop drawing in and the annual progression of our planet around the sun starts to allow the daylight back in again.

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Reading time

I wrote a while back about how I stay up to date with the news and current affairs. But just keeping track of the headlines isn’t enough. I need also to know what’s going on with the latest management thinking and what challenges and opportunities my clients are likely to be confronted with in the future. This means lots of reading. Long-form journalistic reporting, journal articles and books. It’s all great stuff. The challenge, though, is finding the time to do it.

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One simple way to make a positive impression

I had a call first thing this morning with the Chief Executive of one of my clients to get his input into a project I’m working on. We had a great discussion and, as we approached the end of our scheduled session, I thanked him for taking the time to speak with me and wished him a pleasant rest of the day. His response surprised me.

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