Think forwards, plan backwards

When we think about achieving our professional or personal goals, we tend to start where we are now and plan ahead. We decide what we’re going to do and where we want to be in three, six or twelve months’ time. But if we have a specific goal that we want to achieve, we can often benefit from doing things the other way around. From starting where we want to be and planning backwards.

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Ideas are good, but you need action too

Ideas are good. And we need good ideas. But even the very best of ideas are useless if we don’t put them into practice. And this means action. It means implementation. It means a long, hard slog of plans, processes, tasks and budgets. Of bureaucracy, even. Tedious? Maybe. But it’s the price we pay to get things done.

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Find the cause, fix the problem

All organisations encounter problems from time to time. But it’s all too common for us to focus on attributing blame, rather than on getting to the bottom of what’s gone wrong. This wastes time, money and effort. It also doesn’t solve the actual problem. But there is another way.

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Into the public square

Sockmonkey had a successful year last year, with some great projects to work on with clients both existing and new. But I’m not one to rest on my laurels. And so I’m working on some exciting new plans for 2023. One of them is to get more involved in public discussion and debate around the things that I do and the sectors that I work with. What Alan Weiss calls ‘being in the public square’. And it starts here.

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