Looking forward, looking back

I’m a huge fan of performance indicators. The notion of using specific metrics to assess how well an organisation is doing and to better understand the environment in which it is operating can be incredibly powerful. Provided, of course, that we’re looking at the right metrics. But too many organisation focus on historic data. This means that they’re looking backwards, when they should be looking ahead.

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The stormy present

As I write this, the world outside my office window has grown dark, the sky has clouded over and it has started to absolutely thunder down with rain. While in the distance – and I’m not kidding here – a series of police cars and ambulances has roared past along the main road, lights flashing and sirens blaring. Anyone looking for a metaphor to summarise the current financial state of the UK public sector need look no further.

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The power of shared language

I try to avoid lengthy legal documents. Two of my sisters are lawyers and I sometimes joke – entirely without justification – that even their birthday cards, when you take into account the various caveats and disclaimers, run to several pages. But lawyers can (and I can’t really believe I’m actually writing this) teach us something about effective communication.

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Change doesn’t just happen

I was listening to the radio whilst driving to see one of my clients yesterday morning and the presenter and his guests were talking about organisational change. Specifically, they were exploring the reasons why so many organisational initiatives fall flat. Why they fail completely to bring about the positive change that they seek. And sometimes even manage to make things worse.

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