Universities can’t grow themselves out of trouble forever

The UK higher education sector has a problem. With much of its per-student income capped at an unrealistically low level, it’s been trying to grow itself out of trouble. And, by and large, this strategy has worked. But there’s a limit to how much most universities can grow. And some of them are pretty much there.

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Be realistic: Things won’t calm down soon

As we come under greater pressure to achieve more with less, our workloads increase and our to-do lists get longer. Under such circumstances, it’s common for us to put everything else to one side, so that we can focus on the more urgent tasks. It’s a temporary situation, we tell ourselves. Things will calm down soon and we’ll get everything back on track. But we’re wrong.

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The No. 1 way to embed positive change

The toughest part of improving how organisations do things isn’t identifying the problem. Or finding a new way of doing things that addresses the problem. Or even getting people to do things the new way. The toughest part is stopping people from doing things the old way.

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Six ways to work better with a consultant

It saddens me that consultants don’t always have the best of reputations. And that some people and organisations shy away from working with consultants at all. Especially as we consultants can, if used sensibly, add considerable value to what our clients do. So here are six ways you can get more value out of a consultancy relationship.

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