Into the public square

Sockmonkey had a successful year last year, with some great projects to work on with clients both existing and new. But I’m not one to rest on my laurels. And so I’m working on some exciting new plans for 2023. One of them is to get more involved in public discussion and debate around the things that I do and the sectors that I work with. What Alan Weiss calls ‘being in the public square’. And it starts here.

By ‘here’, I mean in this blog. You may have noticed that I’ve started posting on a weekly basis. Usually on a Tuesday. I’m aiming with each post for six to eight hundred words of insightful and well-researched content that is interesting to read and that creates value for anyone who’s taken the time to stop by to read it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether I’ve achieved that. Though please bear in mind that it’s still early days 🙂

I’m also trying to get a good balance across the sorts of topics that I cover. So my posts will address a mixture of ‘technical’ themes (such as strategy development, financial resilience, operational management and things like that), coaching and personal development themes (from management techniques to useful online tools) and, perhaps once a month, a look ‘behind the scenes’ into how things work here at Sockmonkey HQ.

I’ll also be raising my game in terms of the Sockmonthly, my free monthly newsletter. This provides exclusive insight and analysis on a selected theme direct to the inboxes of my audience of loyal subscribers. It’s also how I share news about upcoming activities and publications. And how I invite people to get involved in some of the ‘open source’ projects that I work on from time to time.

If you’re wondering how you’ve managed to survive without receiving my newsletter, by the way, you can sign up here.

Looking beyond my own modest communications channels, I’m also working to get more involved in wider debate across the sectors in which I work. I’ve started commenting on articles and blog posts published by sector bodies and publications that I respect, which while not exactly rocket science has sparked some interesting discussions. And I’ve already been invited to speak at a few sector events, which is very exciting.

As the year progresses, I’ll be working on some more Sockmonkey tools and publications. My workload modelling guide has already been download over 1,500 times, which makes me think I should have charged for it. And I’m well into the research and thinking for my new framework for assessing board effectiveness. I’ve not yet go to the stage where I think ‘hey, I should start a podcast’, but I’m afraid it’s probably not too far off…

So that’s my plan to get out into the public square. If you have any topics that you’d like me to cover in this blog, do let me know. Just put something in the comments or drop me a line. If you’ve not yet signed up to receive the Sockmonthly, please do feel free. And if you’re looking for someone to contribute to your own project, publication, podcast or event… well, you know where I am.

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