Sockmonkey supports local charities

It is my firm view that companies should operate ethically and that they should seek to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they operate. Running my own consultancy practice gives me the opportunity to put these convictions into action. One way in which I do this is through my commitment to donate 10% of the company’s pre-tax profits to support local charities.

Having experienced a very positive first year in existence, I am extremely pleased that Sockmonkey has been able to support two organisations that do valuable work in North Somerset: Children’s Hospice South West and Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary.

Children’s Hospice South West runs three hospices across the South West, one of which – Charlton Farm – is based just up the road from where I live and work.

Its aim is to support the families of children living with life-limiting or life threatening conditions, by providing them with a happy, safe and comforting environment in which they can take ‘time out’ and enjoy being together.

The charity sent me a lovely letter and certificate, which I found very touching. You can read more about their work here.

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, is likewise based very close to where I live and work. It helps unwanted, abandoned and mistreated animals, providing a safe haven for dogs and cats until loving, permanent and responsible new owners can be found.

Some of the animals that the sanctuary helps have been much-loved pets, but changed circumstances have forced their owners to part with them. Others arrive as strays, having got lost or been abandoned.

Some animals need help because their owners simply cannot cope with them or they just don’t want them any more. Others, sadly, because their owner has died and there is no one left to look after them.

The charity sent me a very nice letter, where even my own Labrador got a mention. You can find out more about Holly Hedge here.

I was encouraged by how much even a relatively modest donation means to smaller charities who do such important work. It has motivated me to do more to help these organisations and others like them. And it has shown me that we can all, in our own ways, make a real difference to the communities in which we live.

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